An Up-date on Rose

We are in the follow-up phase of the September stroke and December PFO closure. Rose has seen both her neurologist and her cardiologist. The news is all good so far.

We have one more phase of the journey to go. Rose will be going to our favorite Epilepsy Monitoring Unit next week to tweak her seizure medications. This will be the final leg of this 2022 journey that included totaling her car by running over a boulder at night on a mountain road, a stroke, the flu, a kidney stone and an ovarian cyst. There was a seizure or two, but who’s counting?

I will report the results of the EMU stay when we have them. We have done this before so we know the ropes.

Our family is drinking from the fire hose again. Resilience training at its best/worst.

Don’t you worry folks.


Author: Flower Roberts

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