Hell: Round 3

Do not worry about us. We will be fine.

I will try not to worry about you.

I know I will survive.

This is not my first battle, you see.

I have enough fire in me to light up half the planet.

That’s why my sister calls me Snapdragon.

I would like to blame it on the PTSD, but it happened long before that.

Some day I will tell you that story.

Stay safe.

If you want to see why I am the Flower,

visit my other blog  floweralley.org.

Goodbye for now.


Isolation Irony

Rose is home from college due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

So instead of being isolated by her epilepsy, she is now isolated by an outside disease.

My dad is under “lockdown” ( due to COVID-19 ) in the rehab center following a cancer surgery in December.

So he is now in there alone without us to care for his many needs.

All this isolation to prevent the spread of an invisible foe.

I hope and pray we miss this new and vicious virus.

On the other hand I feel in my element.

I have been studying diseases for decades.

Oh, if only I could jump into the fray instead of sitting here alone

educated and isolated.

Everybody’s Mama



Book for EMU Prep

If your child is going to spend some time in an Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, you might use this book to prepare them for their stay.

All the wires, monitors and other equipment might be a little scary.

This book was written by a young man who wanted to share his lessons learned in an EMU to help others get through this testing experience.

All Eyes on Me by L. Brandon Magoni is clearly written and includes photographs.


I think this book would be useful to keep on hand at neurologists offices and epilepsy centers.

Good job here Brandon Magoni.



I want to send a message straight from my “mama heart” to yours.

It’s about knowing what you can do and what you cannot do.

There are better tests, treatments and therapies now. Keep searching for the right ones.

Everyone’s epilepsy is different.¬† You have access to more information and support.

You cannot do everything. You cannot fix everything. You cannot be everything.

Guilt is toxic. Depression is damaging. Exhaustion is depleting.

Trust yourself to do your best. That is all you can do.

Be kind to your frazzled self.

Look for tiny bits of joy everywhere.

Pause to ponder and wonder.

Protect yourself and rest.

Your fragile child needs you.

Take care of you, too.

I know your pain.







Seizure Mama and Rose made it to the Best New Epilepsy Books
I’m happy to announce that my book, “Seizure Mama and Rose: An Epilepsy Memoir”, made it to BookAuthority’s Best New Epilepsy Books:
BookAuthority collects and ranks the best books in the world, and it is a great honor to get this kind of recognition. Thank you for all your support!
The book is available for purchase on Amazon.