Her Own Advocate

Well mamas I think we are finally there.

I am still mama bear, but my baby can fend for herself.

She has a rather unusual curriculum this semester which includes two classes that involve physical activity.

A high heart rate is a seizure trigger for her. We know this from years of experience. We used to see her red face and tell her to rest. She now wears a fit bit to monitor this for herself.

She had to explain this to her professors. There was some doubt. I do not blame them. As a former teacher and biology instructor, I have heard outlandish excuses. We have to keep things fair.

Rose wrote to her neurologist to get a letter explaining the need for accommodations. She received a thorough letter from our hero doctor.

We have worked too hard to get her driving and living on her own to backslide.

Rose even trusts these instructors enough that she is sharing our book with them. I appreciate that she feels this level of confidence in herself, too. Our book is very personal.

I told her to handle this issue herself and she did. That is how it should be.

Someday she may have a boss who doesn’t understand her condition and she will have to be her own advocate. She needs to know how to negotiate.

This is what you want Other Mothers. A strong child who can handle their unique situations with confidence.

I am super proud of my Rose.


Author: Flower Roberts


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