Stars for Navigation

This has been a year of upheaval and sadness.

Rose is trying to find her way in a world without her grandfather, Bop.

She is confused by the actions and beliefs of folks we thought we knew.

The internet has a plethora of misinformation.

This pandemic has isolated everyone.

Rose misses her international friends who were not allowed to return school.

She calls home a lot.

We cry, we laugh and we have long discussions about topics we never mentioned before.

We both are struggling to stay good and kind through our confusion and anger.

Neither of us are “sugar-coaters.” We are blatantly honest.

But we are also observant and thoughtful.

We are both learning to quietly wait and see.

Like floating in our ships while waiting for the clouds to clear

so we can navigate by the stars we know to be true.

Ignoring the flash and bang of the over-confident and ignorant.

Waiting for the dust to settle

and the phoenix to rise from the ashes of this catastrophe.

Steady Rose. Hold your course. Follow your star.


Author: Flower Roberts

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