Under the Umbrella

I carry this umbrella twenty-four seven. You never know when it might rain.

It is difficult to see the sun, airplanes and puffy clouds, but one never knows when a storm may show up. It is best to stay undercover.

I can go to the fair, but I cannot ride the rides with this umbrella. I have never ridden a Ferris wheel or a roller coaster. No umbrellas allowed.

I would love to learn to ride a horse, but it would be difficult to hold the reins and the umbrella at the same time. I guess that goes for riding elephants and camels, too. Bummer!

I want to canoe across the lake, but I cannot paddle while holding this umbrella. So I stay on the shore and watch others journey across. It looks like fun.

I have seen the ocean, but I cannot swim in it because of the umbrella. The waves might knock me and the umbrella down. The ocean is so unpredictable.

I would like to race go carts, but the umbrella will affect my steering. I might wreck driving with one hand. It is too dangerous.

One never knows when it might rain, so it is best to always be ready. Staying dry is very important. This umbrella is my protection.


If seizures were rain.

Would hauling around a cumbersome umbrella really keep your kid dry(safe)?

Mama/Dad are you an umbrella?

What is a fear of a seizure preventing your child from doing?

Fully living?

Is it worth it?

Umbrella Mama

Author: Flower Roberts


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