Shedding the Shoulds

I am an analytical person. I look at things and immediately see potential for improvement. (This is a nice way of saying that I see what is wrong.) Of course my next step is to try to fix or improve the subject that I am observing. Sometimes it becomes an obsession.

I trim, I paint, I rearrange, I replant, I move things and remove things. This seems to be a harmless habit until the subject is something I have no control over.

That’s when the “shoulds” show up. That should be done this way. This should not have happened. Somebody should fix that.

Do the “shoulds” change anything? Can I change everything? NO FLOW!

I am in the midst of a “Should Storm” right now. I am surrounded by things that are not what I expected, or wanted, or needed. I could drive myself insane obsessing. I could butt in to business that is not my own and interfere, but since no one has seen fit to pronounce me Queen of the World I must stand down.

I must be patient. I must hold my tongue. I must accept these unwanted happenings and unwelcome changes. This is not my usual mode of operation. I usually move in and take charge.

Have I given up and given in? I hope not.

I am hoping this is wisdom. It is about time some of that showed up.

Mama Flow

Author: Flower Roberts

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