Medication and Hydration

(THEN and Now for Chapter 23: Toxic with a Timer)

Your body is set up as two fluid compartments. Molecules and ions move across the membranes between these two compartments by diffusion or active transport. Diffusion moves from a high concentration to a low concentration. This requires a solvent for the solutes, in this case medications.

That solvent is water. That magical, universal solvent that makes all life possible. To move medications takes water. Cells need to have water inside them and around them to work properly. Drinks like soft drinks (and alcohol) actually pull water out of the system because they are hypertonic. So not any fluid will do.

If you or your patient does not like to drink water, then splash in some juice for flavor and color(not red). You may require the patient to drink a glass of water before a glass of a favorite drink.

Think of water as a transport system like little rivers in your body taking substances back and forth to and from your blood vessels. These tiny waterways between cells are essential for movement. Solutions need dilution to get to a proper concentration level to move ions between the two fluid compartments.

Not enough water leaves good substances on the ships and bad substances on the loading docks. Water keeps it all moving in or out.

Medications require proper hydration to get where they need to go. Keep everything moving with water. You will feel better.

P.S. To avoid holiday ‘cotton mouth’, drink copious amounts of water after a binge. Keep a tall glass by your bed for that moment when you awake with a dry mouth and a headache. You may want to set two pills of some sort out with it.

Keep it moving!


Author: Flower Roberts

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