The Crossing

The past has come back for a visit. Time has crossed itself.

Revisiting the past is very different from the past coming back.

Maybe it’s the PTSD talking. But I feel that I am being haunted.

I cannot write a THEN and NOW for the ‘Emergency Delivery’ chapter because THEN IS NOW.

It took me ten years to work up the courage to start our book, Seizure Mama and Rose. I took another ten to write terrible drafts. I needed to get far away from the reality to face what happened.

I do not want to be ‘Real-time Seizure Mama.’ That role belongs to Dave, Leigh Ann and Caleb’s mom. They are young, strong and brave. I am not these things. I am tired and damaged.

I just mustered up enough courage to face a past with epilepsy. Where the hell will I find the strength to face a future with it.

Don’t be mad. Don’t feel abandoned. Much has happened that I do not share.

I will be back. I do not know when.

I need to heal a bit.

We need hope. You got any to spare?


Author: Flower Roberts

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