One Year Ago Today

We arrive at this day, January 21, 2021 both hopeful and grateful.

On this date last year, we released our memoir Seizure Mama and Rose by Flower Roberts.

I will be forever grateful to our publisher Joshua A. Holmes for helping me rush our book to print as my late father battled cancer. I will always remember my friends, Jimmy and Joyce, helping to quickly edit our book after my sister, Rachel, hurriedly marked it up.

Most of my gratitude goes to Rose, who not only survived these stories but also courageously agreed to share them. Her bravery continues to inspire me to take the hills of this life.

This has been a tumultuous year for our family and our nation. Our family is grieving the loss of my precious father, but also healing and helping each other. I remain hopeful for improvements in the curbing of the pandemic and the political unrest in America.

One of the bright spots of the publishing experience has been hearing from other parents of children with epilepsy, advocates for the disabled and medical professionals. It warms our heart to know that our stories have helped you.

Thanks to all who have read our book and responded.

Flower Roberts

Author: Flower Roberts

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