Sewing Fear

I always swore I would not let fear direct my life.

There are stories I will share when Mama can’t hear me.

She gave out fear like hugs and kisses. That was her form of love.

I have refused to share my fear as fear, so I disguise it in other forms.

healthy foods, vitamins, warm clothes, socks, blankets, wine…

My new fear product is Covid-19 masks.

I envision the virus as a plume of poison wafting in the air

until someone I love sucks it into their lungs.

This is why I am crazy. My imagination runs wild and free.

Since March, I have been making masks.

I work until my hands shake or cramp or my back hurts.

I call my sewing room ‘Purgatory.’

I make batches of similar colors. Right now I have a red and green holiday theme going.

I mail my masks to people who I need to live.

This is really a selfish thing I am doing. Do not be fooled.

I am saving the folks I need to survive. It keeps me from worrying.

Teachers, healthcare workers, friends, family, other mothers, cute strangers…

If you have not received one in the mail you probably will.

I will not stop until everyone I love (NEED) is safe.

I hate sewing, but I hate this virus more.

I guess fear and love go together after all, Mama.

I love you. Wear a mask.

Everybody’s Mama

Author: Flower Roberts

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