The Runaway

Our drive is long and through the woods.

Yesterday, my husband and son found a strange assortment of things placed beside it.

A blue suitcase, a sleeping bag, glasses, a sweater, bottles of water, cigarettes and tissue. Was she crying?

Someone had carefully arranged their belongings and left them.

They searched for the person, then called law inforcement.

The luggage belonged to a female.

The officer offered to remove it. We declined.

These were someone’s possessions. It was obvious that they intended to return.

It rained all night last night. I awoke hour after hour.

Wondering if she had returned to collect her things.

Where was she going?

Was she safe? Was she dry?

Why had she left home?

The pile was gone this morning.

I am praying for the owner of a blue suitcase. (Will you join me?)

I hope she gets where she needs to go.

Everybody’s Mama

Author: Flower Roberts

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