The Waiting

We know how to wait. It’s what we do between hurrying.

This time the outcome will be based on what others do.

In other words the outcome is out of our control.

That’s the tough part. We can take the waiting, but we want control.

Rose can only wear a mask for herself, she cannot wear one for someone else.

I have only one vote. I cannot vote for those who ignore red flags and science.

We are both experiencing countdowns. We are both anxious.

Rose is watching the Covid count at her university slowly creep up.

I am watching with dismay as political signs against science surround me.

We are both feeling like outliers. That is nothing new for either of us.

We see what others do not want to see because the truth is scary right now.

But we both have had to see what is real because that’s how we survived.

Fiction would not have saved us.

Reality has a hard, cold face but always tells the truth.

So we both are waiting for a result.

Hoping for good outcomes, but seeing the bad signs.

Trying to stay in the present as an uncertain future creeps closer.


Author: Flower Roberts

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