Rose’s Resilience

While many parents are worrying about how their students will adjust to shifting to all online classes again or being sent home from college again,

I am focused on supporting my mother, sister and Charlotte, the rabbit, through our time of grief.

Why am I NOT concerned about Rose?

Rose has earned resilience. Rose knows isolation. Rose knows home-schooling. Rose knows disappointment. Rose knows changing plans. Rose is practical.

What I also know is she is at the university helping others, giving pep-talks and finding humor in the unusual situations the pandemic presents.

Rose’s resilience is one of the few gifts from epilepsy.

Once you’ve handled truly big challenges, you learn to roll with the punches.

She will navigate her way through this unusual time because she is used to the rocky, curvy roads. She expects to pull the hills.

There were no easy paths in her past.

I am super proud of Rose for her grit.

Another Mother/Flower

Seizure Mama and Rose: An Epilepsy Memoir: Flower Roberts, Joshua Holmes: 9781670811141: Books

Author: Flower Roberts

4 thoughts on “Rose’s Resilience”

  1. Hello dearest Flower! This post reminded me of a day that I had taken Darius to our local clinic for immunisation. I was quite sure that Darius won’t need immunisation as we had done some abroad. The nurse told me its a booster for preschool kids and must be done (Darius will go to nursery school in a month). She had to make two injections, one on each arm. I was nervous as I had not prepared Darius for injections. The nurse held Darius’s right arm very strongly and I held Darius firmly on my lap waiting for screams and resistance. He looked into the eyes of the nurse, then eye-tracked the needle all the way to his arm, watched how it penetrated his skin, got surprised and looked back into the eyes of the nurse. Injection finished and Darius said: ‘Again’!!! 🙂 That was perfect as we needed another injection to the left arm. The nurse was utterly surprised and told me that these tiny injections might be nothing compared to the massive brain surgery this little boy had gone through. He was such a perfect boy for this immunisation session and Mama Khadija treated him with an ice-cream after. Well done to Rose and Darius! You two are so precious! Much love from London.

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