We Take Turns Having Meltdowns

Rose and I have been doing this ‘Stay at Home’ routine for decades.

So we have a survival skill set that most families don’t have yet.

We know how to share our space and stay out of each others’ way.

I have the house during the day, she has it at night.

I shop and leave items in a wagon on the porch,

she decontaminates the purchases before bringing them inside.

Our overlapping awake-time is cordial.

We take turns doing laundry and being in the kitchen.

We also take turns having meltdowns.

My turn was Thursday, hers was Friday.

We know to leave the scene to spew.

Others know to let us go.

Any attempt to control us would be equal to standing in front of a speeding train.

It’s been tough being stuck at home again, but now the whole world is stuck at home too.

I am thankful for my beautiful oasis/prison home with enough food and water.

I am thankful that we are all well and we have medications that work.

I always return home after my meltdowns with a grateful heart.

This pandemic is tough. Epilepsy is tough.

But it is spring and I have a family that loves me.

Rose knows this, too.

So let out your frustration.

Spew if you must.

Then look for the hope.

A little hope is a powerful thing.




Author: Flower Roberts


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