Crunch Time for Rose

It is that time in the semester when students are pushing toward the finish line.

Papers are due, assignments need finishing, exams must be prepared for…

What got me through that was something no student has right now… study buddies.

A sense of comradery helps one attempt what seems impossible alone.

Esprit de Corps

All the online students everywhere are depending on their own grit right now.

Exams are next week with no study buddy or midnight oil companions.

I am thankful that Rose is an experienced student.

She has done the impossible online before. (British Literature)

Rose will get through it.

It’s those millions of other students that worry me.

Will this be the end for them? Will they give up? Will this semester be a waste?

Partial refunds were given. Choices to make grades P/F or U/S were offered.

Not only will businesses need a jumpstart, I think colleges will also.

If you know any students during this lonely semester,

offer a little support and encouragement. Maybe some chocolate and Red Bull.

Crunch time is never easy, but doing it alone may do them in.

Let’s not let this be the last straw for some lonely student.

They may be a future nurse, doctor, postal worker, chef or scientist.

They will be needed in this new future we are facing.


Love (without hugs and kisses)


Author: Flower Roberts

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