Still Here, New Worries

Rose and I are adjusting to the old normal, which is now the new normal.

I have the day shift in the house. Rose has the night shift.

I garden, sew masks, cook meals, clean more, do laundry, read nonfiction and worry.

( is my garden blog)

Most of my concerns are not new.

My parents need lots of help, my sister does most of this and is weary.

Rose is fine, now that we have her medicines covered. No seizures in over a year.

My husband is still working too hard.  He had a Covid-19 scare. It was a wake-up call.

I am sure it will not be the last for him. Let’s hope they are all false alarms.

So here is the ugly truth.

I am a dependent. I do not have my own income or insurance.

I never planned this. I trained for a career. I started a career. I had a career.

Rose was more important.  She is still more important.  Always will be.

The Covid-19 scare left me feeling vulnerable.

What if???   No income, no insurance…no medicine.

Rose’s medications cost over $100,000 per year. Our insurance covers that cost.

What will happen to us if something happens to him?

The cost of epilepsy is high.

That’s the ugly truth.

How do we change that?

Keep talking.  Keep sharing your struggles.  Keep telling your stories.

Maybe the right people will hear us.


Seizure Mama/Rose’s Mama/Flower Roberts

Do NOT worry about us. We will be fine. We have been, we will be, we are FINE.





Author: Flower Roberts

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