Travelling Safely

Folks with epilepsy have a whole extra set of preparation for trips.

Rose packs seizure supplies in addition to everything else.

To prep for her trip with peers,

we purchased some downloads from The Epilepsy Foundation of America.

These were 8.5 by 11 inches.

I reduced them on my printer and printed them on card stock.

Then laminated them, punched holes and attached ribbons or clips.

Rose gave some to the people she will be travelling with.

She will also attach copies to her belongings.

That way there will always be instructions on what to do on hand

IF she has a seizure.

Proactive is so much better than reactive.

I will share this with the EFA.

Maybe they will produce something like this for travelers.

Stay safe,

Seizure Mama

Author: Flower Roberts

4 thoughts on “Travelling Safely”

    1. Yes. Folks want to know what to do. It takes away some stress. The downloads were $.25. No waiting for them in the mail. I reduced them to be more portable. Great hearing from you. Take care. I hope your trip went well.


      1. Our trip went well. He had two seizures but he still enjoyed watching statues and stone carvings of temples. He wanted to give ‘big hug’ to the statues Buddha and touch the breasts of Apsaras carved on the walls asking for breast milk! 🙂 When I see him smiling at life, I feel ashamed of letting myself feel hopeless.

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      2. I am glad there was joy. I have felt hopeless many times. I look at Rose now as a miracle. Do not let seizures steal the good times in between. Face forward with faith. Part of my heart is with you.


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