Useful is Beautiful

It all started with a bad dream. This one lingered in my mind for two days.

The gist of it was that I needed to spend more time being pretty and less time being useful.

I wondered why my subconscious mind would send me such a mean message.

I guess it is because I rarely look in the mirror. I no longer wear make-up. My hair has not been cut in months. I wear no jewelry because it is just one more thing to decontaminate. Pretty is not on my radar right now. I have work to do.

Between my hours of yard clean-up yesterday, I took a much needed break in the ‘Sad Chair’ beside by our fire pit. I looked up to see my husband cleaning out the gutter at the highest point of the roof. Heights make him uncomfortable. Yet, there he was on the high corner reaching carefully over with his tool to remove debris.

That’s when the epiphany happened. I sad it out loud, “Useful is beautiful.” Just like that, the bad dream burst like a bubble. Poof! Gone!

This morning he needed his arm wrapped before going to his parents to cut wood. I found the bandage and scissors. We had to try several times to get it right. When the job was done, he kissed my check, said “Thank you Deary” and rushed out the door.

He left the roll and scissors in the middle of my one-and-only holiday display. I will leave them there for a while. To remind me that “USEFUL IS BEAUTIFUL.”

So ‘Another Mother’, when you are feeling tired and not so pretty, I want you to remember what I told you here and think about how useful and beautiful you are.


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