I’ll Leave You Here

I sat down with my copy of the book to see what comes next.

I was surprised to see the word, STOP.

The last chapters are saved for the book only. My goal was to post the first fifty-two chapters with a ‘Then and Now’ follow-up.

This project ends just as Rose turns thirty.

I have done what I set out to do. I have shared our stories so that parents everywhere can find them and gain whatever they can from our experiences.

I am ready to move on.

It is my hope that someday Rose’s voice will appear here instead of mine. I also hope she will write her next book. All that will be up to her.

If you need me in the future, leave a comment or email us at seizuremamaandrose12@google.com

Your friend,

Seizure Mama/Flower Roberts

Author: Flower Roberts


4 thoughts on “I’ll Leave You Here”

  1. I know him. I was thinking of other young people I know of from this blog who might join forces to share their experiences. Rose is almost through with college
    I am hoping she will contribute here or start her own blog. She needs to start her career first. She wants to work in Emergency and Disaster Management.


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