Waiting for Answers

Follow-up for Chapter 46 of Seizure Mama and Rose by Flower Roberts

The memories from this time are clear even though it was years ago. I guess we were all on high alert and ready for a new remedy. Rose told folks that if it weren’t for that time in the hospital, the trip was like a vacation.

The Mayo in Minnesota was amazing. We knew if there were better treatments for Rose, they would know about them. I watched and listened to everything. These folks were the best of the best. I wanted to absorb every bit of information I could.

Things were not going so well for an old man named Albert across the hall from Rose’s room. Albert had dementia and was non-compliant. We heard his name hundreds of times as his family and the staff tried to bring him back to his former-self. It was sad to be a witness to such a personal tragedy.

When we got finally home, we were met with our own sorrow. Our precious dog, May-I-Stay, a stray, had injured her back again. I knew this would require weeks of doctoring and carrying her in and out of the house. I knew my back could not handle that again. She stayed at the vet for over a week. We set an end date for her treatment. Rose and I went daily to squirt gravy into her mouth and pet her. If she could not walk and void her bladder by that date, we would put her down. I will always cry about this. She was so happy to see us that day. Our neighbor went with us to say good bye.

May was old and I was too tired and frayed and frazzled to help her through many weeks of healing. Our family had an uncertain future at this point. Were we returning to the Mayo for treatment? Would we be getting a seizure dog soon? Would Rose be having surgery?

I do believe that something happened during the Slow Motion Seizure. Maybe Rose subconsciously realized an aura inside her that she had been unaware of previously. Maybe her brain became aware of a pathway. I do not know exactly. Something in her brain began to change.

Those weeks of waiting were nerve-racking but hopeful. We knew that the best neurologists in the country were going to meet and discuss Rose’s condition and treatment. Each day was long. I was distracted by the memories of the Mayo and imagining the possible new treatments. I was not expecting the news we got when it came.

Mama Flow (in waiting)

Author: Flower Roberts


2 thoughts on “Waiting for Answers”

  1. These auras can be weird!

    The brains are often making pathways we don’t know about.

    I wish people had been able to accept Albert as he is now.

    He had probably spent 85 years following people’s orders and social norms.

    If you can’t be yourself at the end of life – when can you?!

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