Rose Graduates High School

Chapter 45 from Seizure Mama and Rose by Flower Roberts (Amazon)

Mama: Stage Right

Rose was determined to walk across the stage at her high school graduation, despite being homebound the last semester of her senior year. Her dad and I were afraid there would be too much excitement and it would be too hot for her to sit in the sun for hours. But our Rose gets “bulldozer” determined, so we got out of her way.
I was allowed to sit up front to the right of the stage with the chorus.I had a perfect view of Rose’s seat in the front row. So there was Mama with her camera sitting at the bottom of the steps where each graduate descended after receiving his/her diploma. I took pictures of all Rose’s friends and my former students from my seat. Rose made it across the stage and down those steps without incident.
Our entire family had set up a tent at the back of the stadium. We heard cheers go up in the back from her brother, cousins, grandparents ,aunts, and uncle as she marched up, across and down. We had made it, again. Mama got to witness it all from the best seat in the house. I did not, however, sing with the chorus, even though I felt like singing.

The graduates filed out of the stadium at last. My group at stage right was to follow behind them. As I marched out, another cheer went up from our familiar tent in the back. I did a little victory jig to celebrate with our family. That’s when I glanced back. Much to my chagrin, the honored officials in their robes from front-and-center stage were in the procession right behind me.
Mama and her camera had done a little victory dance in front of the dignitaries. I am sure they wondered why a crazy mother had been allowed in the procession. We had pulled it off again. Rose in a cap and gown instead of a ball gown. Hooray!

Seizure Mama speaks to parents.

Your child needs great memories. Get out there. Celebrate every victory. Go ahead and dance in front of the dignitaries.

( My daddy told me this when my children were little and I was exasperated.)

Mama Flower Roberts

Author: Flower Roberts

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