The Scars

The wounds will heal, but there will be scars. Scars outside and scars inside.

Your job is scar management.

This may include applying Mederma or ScarAway gel.

There may be ice packs and wrapping and bandage changes.

It’s the scars inside that need the most attention.

Sometimes children think they cause what happens. Adults may fall into this trap, too.

Whether you believe it is God or fate or bad luck or random events does not really matter.

The longer you live the more you will see bad things happening to good people.

Not all of the bad is random, sometimes mistakes are made to bring on hardship.

But many times the disease, accident or abuse is random and does NOT involve blame.

If you model the blame paradigm for other things, your child may follow suit.

They need to know they are not the cause of their seizures. No blame involved.

Nor should they be made to feel like a victim of epilepsy. This brings on neediness .

This disease will leave some scars. Your job is to minimize these not encourage them.

If you have trouble with this, replace epilepsy with another disease.

Diabetes, asthma, scoliosis, cystic fibrosis, Down’s syndrome…

Do these diseases involve blame? Are these patients victims?

I guess since epilepsy comes and goes we see it differently.

It comes and leaves scars. Then goes away for some healing time.

Use that time between to address both types of scars.


Author: Flower Roberts

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