Gratitude that Lasts

(Then & Now on Afternoon Lessons:Chapter 27)

I run into one of our rescuers once in a while. We hug. I usually cry, sometimes they do also. When you receive a gift while you are desperate, the gratitude lasts.

Many more people remember us than we remember. After all we were in the midst of an emergency while they were concerned witnesses. I am know as Rose’s mother by many. They always want to know how she is and what she is doing now.

All seem relieved and pleased that her seizures have become much less frequent. She worried many folks back then. We never tried to hide her epilepsy because it would have meant hiding Rose away. She would not have consented to that.

I am glad that I did not gift her my fear. She has enough to struggle with without adding fictitious concerns. She has big plans for her future that do not include cowering in a corner.

I would like to share some of the most remembered helpers. First is Mr. F from ‘Afternoon Lessons’ who had great influence on both my children. Ms. Mingo who talked me down off the ceiling numerous times at the elementary school and made both my kids feel secure there. Principal S who carefully placed Rose in the right classes. Mrs. Coffey and her daughter who continue to love our Rose. My fellow teachers in middle school who took care of us both. That was the hardest seven years of my life to that point. My church friends who came to visit and bring food. Gina P who sat on the floor with us after the ‘Be Brave’ incident. The movie theater boys who helped us get unconscious Rose to our van. Ms. Gaither and Ms. Bock who watched over Rose in high school. I will end with her fabulous neurologist Dr. Sam who has performed miracles time and again.

I want you to see this varied list Other Mothers and Lisa. I could have gone on and on with names and events. I did not and could not have survived our life alone. Do not try to fly solo.

Get your ‘Care Team’ assembled. Put me on it. Ask for what you need. Then your heart will turn from fearful and hopeless to grateful and hopeful.

STOP trying to tackle this alone.

We are here.

Mama Flow

Author: Flower Roberts

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