Real Hope

When one is truly desperate there is a tendency to grab for any limb within reach. This is understandable, but pause and breathe first. Examine the limb before latching on.

False hope can have long-lasting, negative effects on everyone involved. False hope is a fast fix. One gets a surge of hope followed by remorse and shame…or worse. You need a real fix that lasts.

Real hope requires reasoning and planning. I am one who spends way too much time in the frying pan before jumping. It’s the scientist in me. That is not a bad thing. Bouncing from drug to drug or doctor to doctor solves nothing.

Your approach must be systematic. Fully test a treatment (or doctor)before scrapping it completely. The other side of that is…know when to say when.

My advice at these moments is ” Pause and Breathe.” That sounds simplistic, but in that small, quiet space of time your thoughts can collect themselves and stop scrambling around for a solution.

Our second neurologist was correct in saying we had sampled the drug smorgasbord without truly testing the drugs’ effects. Each variant must be tested alone. We had been mixing our cocktails with no recipe. We had been shaken and stirred!

When something is not working. Pause and breathe. Then analyze what the root cause really is an go from there.

That’s how you get to some real hope.

Mama Flow

Author: Flower Roberts

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