Monsters and Miracles: Then and Now

One event can change your behavior forever.

I have locked my keys in my car only once in my life. That experience was so bad that I double check my keys every time I get out of my car. It was almost four decades ago. I had started my first job in a strange city where I knew no one. It happened in a bank parking lot. It took hours for a locksmith to get there and over one hundred dollars of money I could not spare. It was a hard lesson learned well.

The same applies to seating in movies and concerts. Once you have carried a seizing child down steps in the dark, you never want to do it again. I still remember the panic I felt when Rose’s leg got caught in the railing. I thought we were both going to fall down the long flight of steps to the bottom.

The other lesson I must remind myself of is that helpers come. Helpers bring hope. I am trying to retain my faith in the good of humanity even during these trying times. I must remember to be a helper. I must try to give someone else hope when they need it.

You know what it is like to feel like you are sinking.

Be someone’s buoyancy!


Author: Flower Roberts

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