Facing Forward

There have been many lessons from epilepsy for my family. One of them is to keep facing forward.

Our past is too heavy to carry with us, so we learn to leave it as much as possible.

Rose seems to be carrying too much right now. There are unresolved events that haunt her. I get this. I am afraid for her. She cares too much about issues and people.

Do not judge me by these words. I am this way, too. My heart has been too open, so I avoid situations that might steal it. This is not selfish. Only other highly sensitive people get this. We must guard our psyches by isolating ourselves. If you do not understand this, then you cannot understand this.

Rose is in a sandwich between a sad past and an uncertain future. The level of uncertainty she lives with is over-the-roof compared to many. She is fiercely determined to be independent. She deserves this.

Everyone is back in their proper places today. Facing forward. Hoping for a peaceful, healthy future. Isn’t that what we all want?

Mama Flow

Author: Flower Roberts


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