Then and Now on Chapter 14: ER Again

I wish I did not have so much experience with Emergency Rooms.

Thankfully, Rose’s rescue medications kept us out of the ER for most status episodes. When we did make the trip, it was because of additional trauma. Some trips involved stitches, others included xrays.

I was always thankful for the support but did not like handing over control to strangers that did not know our history. I love finding empathy in the ER and loathe encountering arrogance. I have never handled being talked down to be an egotistical male well. My response is magnified by my fear as a mother.

I am sure no medical jerks read this blog, but maybe you can join me in combating this issue when it arises in your experiences. Big egos make bad choices due to an excess of self-confidence. Complain to their superiors after the fact. Be sure to record names and events.

Cool-headedness is needed in ERs, not big-headedness. I hope you never encounter this issue, but you probably will.

Seasoned Seizure Mama

Author: Flower Roberts

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