The First Neurologist: Then and Now

I love the fresh hope that comes with a new specialist. It feels like a pro has been added to a team of amateurs. Expectations are raised to new heights.

We really did gain confidence in Rose’s treatment temporarily. Dr. T had expertise and experience. We felt we were in good hands. We were for a while.

Dr. T was very focused and proactive at first. Then her partner left. She had all the patients of the practice. I do not blame her for being scattered. She seemed distracted and even testy when we questioned what she was saying. My notes from our appointments confirmed the randomness of her recommendations.This ship was sinking.

It is really scary to switch specialist. A second opinion must be requested. A letter and records must be sent to an unknown doctor. It is like starting over.

It takes bravery, or at least desperation, to move to a new neurologist. There is that word again!


The uncertainty that comes with seizures requires constant bravery from everyone. Fear has to be met head-on. Hide it, swallow it, curse it, whatever it takes. Just do not let fear keep you with an ineffective doctor or ineffective drug. Listen to your gut. Your child’s future depends on your making good decisions. Based on facts NOT fears.

Next up: Chapter 8: Gilligan at the Lab on Saturday, June 19, 2021

Author: Flower Roberts

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