My Survival Skills

If you have been following this blog and/or have read our book,

you know we have survived quite a bit of hardship.

With those experiences came hard lessons and wisdom.

I expect we all are on the verge of a serious learning curve.

So before the storm starts to rage out of control,

I thought it might be a good time to share some of my survival skills.

NUMBER 1: Let go of the plan. That picture you have in your head will not be happening. Clean the slate and start sketching a new picture based on the present facts. A new blueprint is needed.

NUMBER 2: You are not in control. You may be holding onto the rudder, but something else is blowing your sails. Stay flexible. React appropriately. Stay in the moment. Stay alert.

NUMBER 3: Take the word “should” out of your mind and your mouth. (Example: Those idiots should be wearing masks.) I have trouble with this one. As a former teacher, I have a habit of being the behavior police. I could wear myself out trying to fix this world in my mind. That would be a waste of my thoughts and energy.

NUMBER 4: Pause often. Stop rushing and pause to reassess the situation. Hurrying in the wrong direction means more back-tracking. I said pause NOT park. Keep doing what you think is best. Just keep thinking while you are doing it.

NUMBER 5: Hope is the most important thing in times of trouble. Never let go of it. Through all the hits and shocks, it is important to keep the faith in better times. Hope is your soul’s life-vest. It’s time to strap it on and keep it on.

I will stop there. That is one skill per finger.

  1. New plan
  2. Not in control.
  3. No “shoulds”
  4. Pause often
  5. Hold on to hope.

Everybody’s Mama

Author: Flower Roberts

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