She called me a Helicopter Yesterday

Rose called me Helicopter yesterday.

I cannot win.

If I give her space, I am avoiding and ignoring her.

If I stay in the same room, she is irritated on my sighing and noisiness.

I have been distracted and busy and frantic with my own tasks lately.

How can I possibly be a helicopter now?

I am not.

That’s my point parents.

They see what they feel. She feels crowded by me.

All those years of my being in charge and doing everything are haunting her.

There are ghosts here.

Seizure ghosts, struggle ghosts, pain ghosts and Helicopter Mom ghosts.

The past lingers. It steps on the heels of present. It shapes it.

I am no longer a helicopter mom,

but she still feels me hovering over her

long after I have landed…

or did I crash?


Author: Flower Roberts

6 thoughts on “She called me a Helicopter Yesterday”

  1. Hi I have looked @ two or three of your blogs and love them. Epilepsy & Cerebral palsy are my two disabilities and I have just started a site for this and other mental health issues and i am looking for people to follow me I hope you can be one of them.

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      1. Thats an old one I’m in the process of sorting it out wit WordPress the actual additional site address is if that’s any help

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