This Planet Needs a Mother

Do not feel that I have abandoned you. My thoughts are always with you.

Especially through the struggles. I have many.  I am sure you do, too.

There is so very much wrong right now.

We all have the pandemic sneaking around us.

We Americans have dirty politics and ugly racism with rioting.

I have had to turn my consciousness into a Venn diagram.

Circle of concern overlaps circle of influence, stay in the center.

Eat your own elephant. Stay in your lane. Put on some blinders.

Why am I turning myself into an ostrich?

Why am I ignoring my needy environment?

Because I am overwhelmed by it all. If I go down my family goes down.

My body told me to shut off the periphery and focus on me.

I refer to myself as “cracks and glue.”

The stress has opened some cracks.

A nervous tic in my eye, crying randomly, cramps, lack of concentration, constant agitation.

We have not had to deal with seizures or PTSD, so that’s good.

So what is a mother to do? We cannot take time off from motherhood. Especially now.

Keep your eyes on your prize ONLY.

Your prize is your child.

Somebody else is going to have to protest.

You are busy taking care of you and that fragile baby.

This is your team and your game. Stay in your field.

Ignore the created chaos. It is out of your control.

Focus on your goals.

Focus on your health.

Be a mother only.

Your child is your planet.

Don’t you wish this planet had a mother?

Mercy humans!


Author: Flower Roberts

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