More to Say to Mamas

I guess I will never be done. Not as Seizure Mama nor Rose’s Mama.

I have tried to make decisions for her separate from her epilepsy.


Is she separated from epilepsy.

Sometimes trying to be fair is sort of like trying to be stupid.

She is not separated from epilepsy, so why am I trying to make decisions like she doesn’t have it?

She wanted to study abroad, alone, in Central America over the summer.

I tried to say yes. I tried to consider her as normal. (She hates that word.)

I tried NOT to let fear be part of the formula.

A female alone. Learning the language. Eleven week$.

No for Rose. No for Epilepsy. No for mama.

I’d rather be safe than sorry.

That’s not fear talking. That’s just mama sense.


Author: Flower Roberts

One thought on “More to Say to Mamas”

  1. I am a seizure mom also. My daughter is 36 years old and has had seizures for 36 years. yes you have to go with rather to be safe than sorry.

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