Good Mama: Bad Mama

Events of this weekend  brought to mind an economics book I have recently read,

Doing Bad by Doing Good by Christopher J. Coyne.

The book explains how humanitarian aid can backfire if done inappropriately.

So that is where the Good Mama: Bad Mama comes in.

(Pay Attention Mamas)

I have overdone for over two decades while Rose has underdone.

This is called enabling. The results are ugly. Do NOT go there!

It leads to high expectations for you from your child and

low expectations for your child from you and the child.

Not a good thing when you are old and he/she is an adult.

Yes, things were harder for Rose because of epilepsy.

I was trying to even the playing field for the little girl, Rose;

but she’s an adult now.

Rose’s seizures are controlled. She has worked a job this summer and will return to a university in a few weeks.

I will miss her when she leaves, BUT

I want my life back!

My last sentence to her as she got out of my car this morning was,

“You have taken enough from me.”

Bad Mama

Author: Flower Roberts

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