Being Everything and Nothing

Be aware Mama Bear,

that being everything

can make you nothing.

You will not look at yourself until you have no reflection.

You will have no shadow because you are the light.

You will morph into mortar and lose your own form.

You will be the ball in the game. Kicked around.

You will be the food on the table. Consumed or composted.

You will be washed, dried and folded with the laundry

just to be worn and dirtied again.

You will be the garden, planted then picked.

You will be everything to everyone, and nothing to yourself.

They will grow up and move on.

Then what will you be?

Save back a little bit for you Mama Bear.

Keep your kernel.

So when the need leaves

you can grow and renew

back into you.


Seizure Mama/ Fellow Mama Bear

Author: Flower Roberts

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