Then Came the Febrile Seizures

2 Fevers and Seizures

Rose had many ear infections that were usually accompanied by fevers. Unfortunately, these fevers sometimes caused more febrile(with fever)seizures. We were vigilant about taking her temperature anytime she was sick. If her temperature was elevated, we gave her a children’s liquid form of an NSAID(non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). We tried diligently to prevent her fevers from getting high enough to possibly cause a seizure. We attributed her problem to a faulty thermostat. No fevers, would mean no seizures… we thought.
Over the next three years after her initial seizure in the pediatrician’s office, Rose had twelve more febrile seizures. These were always scary. It seemed as though we just couldn’t prevent them even though we tried to intervene with over-the-counter medications. We began to suspect that there was another cause of these events than just fevers.
I began wondering if these seizures originated from a source that was always present, not just something related to or caused by fever and illness. Was there something in her brain causing these? Maybe a lesion,or tumor, or chemical imbalance? When would this end? All children get sick, but most don’t have seizures accompanying illnesses.
I began to feel that the cause was lurking somewhere in Rose, waiting until she was weakened. I suspected that this was no visitor that showed up with illnesses and fevers; this was a resident. I constantly watched for flushed skin and chin twitches.
I did some research. I read all about febrile seizures. No one mentioned the word epilepsy. It crossed my mind, but not my lips. Not my child. It was these ear infections. If we could get them under control, things would be fine. An Ear,Nose and Throat- specialist, that’s what we needed. Get some tubes in those ears so they could drain, the infections would clear, the fevers would stop. Voila!

Seizure Mama speaks to parents:

Later on there were some suspicious incidents that did not involve fevers. Rose referred to them as “tornadoes in her mouth.” I did not know anything about partial seizures. I had never researched epilepsy before. I did not want it to be epilepsy, so I ignored some signs. That’s called denial. Would my being more proactive have made any difference? No one can know. I did the best I could with what I knew at the time. When there were undeniable signs of something more, I jumped into action. When the doctor’s diagnosis was febrile seizures, nothing countered that. I am not one to borrow trouble.

Author: Flower Roberts

3 thoughts on “Then Came the Febrile Seizures”

  1. Seizure Mama?

    I hope you’re well.

    Do you mind telling me what exactly “learning issues” are with kids who deal with epilepsy? I guess and I hope it is different from learning disability? Rose is going to college and its great. That gives me hope that my baby boy one day will make it to college too. But what are these learning issues then? Do they mean our kids will be just late? If that’s the case, I do not mind and let him learn things at his own pace.

    Much love,


    1. My personal email is We had many learning issues due to seizures and medications. We pushed through them. Rose still cannot spell, but neither can her daddy. Ha.
      Rose learned much slower at times. She graduated from community college with high honors, but it took her six years instead of two. High honors was worth the wait. Hang in there Mama. My Rose will be changing the world. These kids grow up 10 times tougher than the rest of us. Watch him rise slowly, but he will go high.


      1. I saw your reply today! The notification did not come for your reply, I guess. But thank you! I heard what I wanted to hear from you and that’s re-assuring. My son started walking very late but he finally walked and that was a great relief. I’ll watch him rise slowly and surely. Thanks again.

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