Walls Work Two Ways

I ordered this shirt for Rose. She has hit a rough patch.

When she called several days ago she was upset.

Someone she trusted had hurt her.

She said she had put some walls back up.

I have been thinking about those walls.

She has had to protect herself from harm more than most.

It’s a fact of life for her.

Like someone saying they were putting on a raincoat when it rains.

She just does it when it needs to be done.

But those walls work two ways.

What keeps others away from you, also keeps you away from others.

Rose knows this. She went and had words with this person.

Some of those walls will remain. Rose is savvy about some things.

Trust must be earned.

Some walls need to stay where they are.

I was just glad to hear that she had torn down some old walls while off at the university.

Watching Rose Rise make me proud.

Seizure Mama


Author: Flower Roberts


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