Let’s Talk About You

I have finished the book about Rose and me.

I have put all our stories down with the lessons we learned

while trying to balance a mean disease with a good life.

Now my goal is to find others who understand what it is like

to sort through the drugs and side effects to find the best mix.

Those who strive to live a happy, healthy life between seizures.

I am pleased to find strong, brave and optimistic survivors

not only carrying on but sharing their stories in real time.

You are everywhere.

Young folks like Kevin( Kevinskick) in Ireland, Laura ( Shake It Off; Living with Seizures),  Alec (Seize and Destroy) and  Yaelle ( Epilepsy at 23) in Israel are sharing their struggles.

Parents such as Clare of E-word and Dave of Epilepsy Dad are telling  how they help their children.

Then there are the parents who send comments like Lee Ann and Khadija that keep me going when I want to quit.

ALL of you inspire me to be stronger, braver and better.

We are a community. Brought together by a relentless disease.

You make me proud.

Seizure Mama/Flower


Author: Flower Roberts

I am a garden blogger and a mother. This blog is about my daughter Rose and her triumph over epilepsy. We are in the process of completing a book, Watching Rose Rise. We need folks who understand life with seizures to give us some feedback. Rose is off at college right now so I, Flower, am running the blog PLEASE come and join us. We want to get this right.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About You”

  1. I was pleased to see a notification from seizure mama after a long time. My little boy just had a seizure in sleep. Got up to get my phone and note his seizure. Was feeling so upset. Decided to check my emails in between and saw your text. It made me cry again.

    I am glad you’re there to give us hope.

    I trust you will let us know when your book is published. Am looking forward to reading it.

    Thanks a lot.

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    1. My family is deciding on a publisher next weekend. I am anxious about it. I want to make the best decision possible. Thanks for commenting. There are some AMAZING bloggers telling their stories about epilepsy. I am proud of us all. I think of you often and whisper your name in church. I wish I could do more.


  2. I actually realised that for some unknown reasons I had not received any notifications for almost a month while you were updating your blog! Now I see some posts that are new and I had not seen them. Am now excited to read through them. Thanks!

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