Generous versus Selfless

Take a hard look at how much you are doing for your child.

Are you modeling or enabling?

Doing too much for your child is a double-edged sword.

Either way, you are the one who will bleed.

If you are doing things for him/her that he/she should be doing for themselves, you are sending two messages. Both are bad.

First, you are telling your child, by your actions, that you do not believe that he/she is capable of doing this for themselves.

Do you really want to send this message? Do not hand them a handicap.

Second, you are showing the child that he/she is entitled to preferential treatment.  Maybe you are okay with this, but the rest of the world will not be catering to your needy, greedy baby.

Do not create a monster.

I am a former public school teacher. I have known many a little monster.

If you are doing too much. STOP.

It’s harder to stop a truck once it gets started rolling down the hill.

You will be run over.

Do not do this to you, your family and most of all, your child.

When you keep giving in, nobody wins.

Seizure Mama