How to Handle the Holiday Stress

(Reposted from 2017)

Take breaks in a quiet place.

Go outside in the cool.  Do NOT stay in a hot kitchen.

Help your child avoid unfamiliar foods, especially if they are RED.

If you have trouble getting your baby to take breaks during the excitement,

go lie down with him/her in a quiet room.

Better yet, ask a favorite cousin to do that. This may be the start of a yearly bonding time.

Pack security items such as blanket and buddy toy.  Favorite books for a break in a corner.

DO NOT forget a dose of medicine in all the chaos.

Everyone drink plenty of water.

Stay safe in the fray.

Keep the main thing the main thing….That’s time with family, not the food.



In 2021, I want to add that this is the first Thanksgiving without Rose. Do not be sad. She has chosen to spend it with friends. She has exciting plans for the summer. I am proud of her and pleased for her. This is what we have dreamed of, Rose’s independence.

HAPPY Thanksgiving!

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